Ewattch capteur impulse EnOcean - capteur EnOcean


The IMPULSE is a powerful EnOcean sensor that manages pulse outputs (water, gas, calorimeter …) and communicates with EDF meters.

1 meter input and 1 EDF remote data input

Thanks to its 2 inputs, the Squid can, for example, simultaneously manage consumption data of a water meter and an EDF meter.

Compatible with EDF meters

The IMPULSE’S remote data input can be connected to the various EDF meters available: Blue, Yellow, SME-SMI, single-phase or three-phase.

ENOCEAN wireless communication

The IMPULSE sends consumption data using the EnOcean wireless protocol, with a standard profile.

Very low power consumption!

The product is powered by a removable battery that operates for more than 10 years, thanks to its optimized energy consumption manager.

The IMPULSE is also capable of recovering energy from the remote data connection.